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Breakfast Connections - 01/10/24

A Morning of Connections: VCCU's Breakfast Event

Virginia Cooperative Credit Union (VCCU) took center stage this morning as the host of our January Breakfast Connections event. The gathering, filled with delicious food and attended by numerous local businesses, offered a unique opportunity for networking and community engagement.

The aroma of the ever-popular homemade breakfast spread filled the air as businesses from across the range came together to connect and share insights. Amidst the buzz of conversation and the warm-you-up coffee, VCCU stood out not just as the event host, but as a community-driven financial institution with a mission.

One of the key highlights of the morning was the reminder of VCCU's current low rates for loans, particularly for vehicles and recreational purposes. For those considering a loan, VCCU's competitive rates make them a compelling choice. Beyond the financial benefits, it's worth noting that VCCU operates as a nonprofit organization.

The unique aspect of being a nonprofit means that the money generated by VCCU is reinvested back into the community. This commitment to community welfare was palpable throughout the event, resonating with attendees who appreciate the idea of their financial choices contributing to the greater good.

Ashley Fish (Vice President of VCCU) and Don Rausch (President/CEO of VCCU) took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of community support and collaboration. The credit union not only prides itself on its low loan rates but also its collaboration efforts with other local credit unions. This spirit of cooperation amplifies the positive impact on the community, creating a network of financial institutions dedicated to the well-being of the area.

The event wouldn't have been possible without the attendance and support from these local businesses: Aspire Insurance Agency, Choice Therapy, Iron Trail Motors Event Center, Living Well Physical Therapy, Hometown Focus, Salvation Army - Virginia, Midwest Communications, Shaggy's, Miner's National Bank, North Star Credit Union, Habitat for Humanity, Menards, Brandie's Little Bears, Iron Range Tourism Bureau, Tech Bytes, and more.

In conclusion, the Breakfast Connections event hosted by VCCU was a testament to the power of community and collaboration. Beyond the delicious food and vibrant networking, it showcased the importance of supporting local financial institutions like VCCU, whose nonprofit status ensures that your financial choices contribute to the betterment of the community.

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