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Iron Range Nonprofit Board Training 101

On February 8, 2024, The Laurentian Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Northeastern Minnesota hosted a first-of-its-kind event: Iron Range Board Training 101. This event, sponsored by the Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation, was presented by Kelly LaCore of Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. Kelly joined us from her Duluth location.

Nearly 90 individuals from across the Iron Range represented dozens of diverse boards. Topics included who should sit on a board and when, fiduciary responsibility, governing boards versus working boards, resources, and more.

Our area nonprofits rely on the professionalism and talents of our business community to staff boards and volunteer within their organizations. The strong business-nonprofit link is clear to the Chamber and UWNEMN. Additionally, nonprofits are businesses in-and-of-themselves. As Kelly pointed out in her presentation, nonprofits must still employ staff, receive money, spend money, operate by policy and procedure, and, if done correctly - make a profit to ensure the continued operation of the organization.

Attendees are encouraged to leave their feedback in the follow-up email to help determine future topics of interest and need.

We are proud to partner with United Way and support our nonprofit members and the nonprofits of our area.

Dinner was provided by and sponsored in-part by Super One Foods. 

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