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Breakfast Connections - 02/14/24

Valentine's Day was extra sweet this year as we gathered for a morning breakfast networking event hosted by North Star Credit Union at their new location on Rock Ridge Drive in Mountain Iron. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the tantalizing scent of homemade egg bake filled the air as we explored their new facility. Against the backdrop of friendly chatter, we indulged in delicious treats provided by North Star Credit Union, setting the stage for meaningful connections.

As we mingled, attendees had the opportunity to discuss not only the exciting developments at North Star Credit Union but also to share insights into their own business happenings. The Breakfast Connections provides a platform for all attendees to deliver their elevator pitch, showcasing the diverse range of talents and services within the community.

From entrepreneurs launching innovative startups to seasoned professionals expanding their enterprises, the event was a melting pot of ideas and opportunities and a testament to the power of networking and collaboration in fostering growth and success.

The event wouldn't have been possible without the attendance and support from these local businesses: Superior Rock Bit Company, Northland Constructors of Duluth, Iron Trail Motors Event Center, The Forge Social Haus, The Salvation Army of Virginia, Hometown Focus, Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability, Miners National Bank, Virginia Coop Credit Union. 

Overall, the Valentine's Day Breakfast Connections networking event was a delightful blend of camaraderie, culinary delights, and productive conversations. Thank you to North Star Credit Union for hosting such a fantastic gathering where connections were made and partnerships bloomed over a hearty breakfast.

Is your business interested in hosting our March Breakfast Connections on Wednesday, March 13th? Reach out to Emily at to bring this popular networking event to your business!

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