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The Laurentian Chamber of Commerce 2024 Annual Luncheon

Thank you to everyone who attended the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce Annual Luncheon! It was a delightful afternoon filled with engaging discussions, delicious food, and valuable insights.

We welcomed our new board members for 2024, whose dedication and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the chamber's continued success.

Additionally, we were thrilled to unveil the 2024 Community & Membership Guide, providing a comprehensive resource for both our community members and business partners.

A special thank you to our esteemed speaker, Erick Garcia Luna from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, for sharing his expertise on economic trends. Erick's insightful presentation covered vital topics such as economic growth, employment, and inflation dynamics, offering valuable perspectives on both national and state-level economies.

As we strive to support informed decision making and economic stability, we encourage all attendees (and those unable to attend) to participate in the Federal Reserve's survey. Your input will assist in shaping future economic policies and initiatives. Take the survey here.

The mouthwatering taco bar provided by The Whistling Bird offered some of their signature specialties and classic favorites. The spread was a hit among those who attended, adding a flavorful touch to the occasion.

Thank you once again to everyone who made this year's luncheon a resounding success. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and driving prosperity within the Laurentian Chamber community.

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