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Legislative Affairs

The Laurentian Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Affairs Committee members attend regular meetings, watch Minnesota Chamber of Commerce webinars which review the activities of the legislature, and hear from legislators and lobbyists regarding activities affecting our region. In doing so, the committee makes recommendations to the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors on matters ranging from policy to legislation.

Legislative Affairs Committee meetings are held at will at Northeast Technical Services conference room.


  1. Provide thorough analysis of state and federal bills as they arise during sessions.
    • Continue the state chamber legislative webcasts during the sessions.
    • Step up the level of discussion and debate on various bills by getting folks onto the committee who are knowledgeable in the major areas (energy, transportation, healthcare, environment, taxes, workforce and education, labor relations)
  2. Finish writing policy statements on the major areas of legislation.
  3. Increase effectiveness at Lobbying for business interests.
    • Increase collaboration with Hibbing, Grand Rapids and Aurora Chambers.
    • Reach out to area legislators, commissioners, and mayors more often.

Legislative Affairs Committee

  • Justine Henry, Chair – Northeast Technical Services
  • Kurt Doran – Northeast Technical Services
  • Rick Crum – Northeast Technical Services
  • Dave Lislegard – Lakehead Constructors
  • Marci Knight – Park State Bank
  • Sandy Karnowski – Cleveland Cliffs
  • Sam Stone – Essentia Health
  • Barrett Ziemer – Range Regional Airport
  • Beth Pierce – Iron Range Tourism Bureau
  • Chrissy Bartovich – US Steel – Minnesota Ore Operations
  • Heath Boe – Minnesota North College
  • Jaime Johnson, Cleveland-Cliffs-Minorca
  • Julie Marinucci – St. Louis County
  • Linda Scott – Up North Title
  • Mike Heiman – Northeast Technical Services
  • Mike Glissman, Polymet

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